NOTTENERA 2013 - 26/07/2013 SAN MINIATO, PI

EVENT DESIGN : arch. Michele Simonetti / arch. Marco Stacchini / arch. G.Benvenuti

event management GalassoEventi

The project aims to enhance the feeling of "urban interior" that is perceived in the Old Town, by creating a cozy, intimate, almost domestic environment with the introduction of ephemeral tissue elements that define urban space by scaling it to human dimension. The spatial configuration of the city is exalted in its values: the human dimension, the richness of the architectural interior, the number of social contacts of the urban place. [...] The Streets of San Miniato become a widespread Theatre, thanks to Buskers, street performers, the Streetfood, art under the Cloisters, the participation of Restaurateurs and all merchants, in a celebration and art-sharing night.

via Rosa Agazzi, 20_56028 San Miniato PISA_T/F +039 0571 400697 mob +39 3471833697