14/01/20112 // Stella dell'Arte award 2011 /UCAI [San Miniato,PI]


The second edition of Stella dell'Arte rewards, for the Discipline of Architecture, the Architects Without Borders Italy ASF Association: an example of how the architect profession can take on social and humanitarian characteristics in the world southern countries, whether distant or close to our daily reality.

With this award, a ceramic reproduction of the green and white marble star embedded in the facade of the San Miniato Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta and Genesio Martire (a symbol of the North Star, guide and reference for those embarking on a way), the Catholic Union of Italian Artists of San Miniato wants to contribute to the spreading of knowledge, more and more necessary, of the results that can be achieved by those who have continuously dedicated themselves to art and made it the instrument for their own growth and elevation.

via Rosa Agazzi, 20_56028 San Miniato PISA_T/F +039 0571 400697 mob +39 3471833697