DESIGN TEAM: Arch. Marco Stacchini, Arch. Michele Simonetti, dott. Arch. Eleonora Boldrini.

The design concept can be summed up in a rough block of marble, finished and monumentalized, floating on a continuous and permeable space that welcomes the vital public flow. [...]

There is a clash of forces of gravity: the suspended block leans precariously on the light block lying on the ground, where other forces resulting from the new square vital dynamism of the square deform and create a new space: the covered square. The forms are shaped to accentuate the vanishing point towards the natural background of the Apuan Alps. In this opposing forces system in a precarious balance, only one deformable, defines the spatial functional links of the new architectural organism, revealing the cultural and public content of the suspended space. An elliptic hole allows in the sun rays that naturally generate a dynamic game of light and shadow touching the market perimeter, warming the covered square and lighting its representative focus: a Carrara marble statue that represents the inner renewed presence of life and energy.[...]

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