DESIGN TEAM: Arch. Marco Stacchini, Arch. Michele Simonetti, Arch. Giacomo Benvenuti, Arch. Federico Faroni, Arch. Andrea Vincenti.

Along the Brennero motorway, in a developing industrial area, a project that wants to be representative of Greda Srl mission requires a communicative and conceptual content that clearly identifies it, that makes radical choices that immediately connote it but at the same time make clear its presence in a shared lamguage and context.

The intention is to place a powerful and highly recognizable sign in Carpi industrial fragmented texture, characterized by a marked materiality and volume but dug and deformed by its relationship with the motorway and the context, that make itself open towards the transit route and to reveal its precious and exclusive content: Greda srl "Oyster" project takes form by the contrast between the power of the rough outer surface and an ethereal and dynamic inner space [...]

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