DESIGN TEAM: Arch. Marco Stacchini, Arch. Michele Simonetti.

In Turin, a In Turin, a non-box finds in the formal and bichromatic simplicity its maximum emotional expression, in contrast to the polychromatic chaos of the urban environment, in order to prevail on the square inhomogeneity. The shell assembly creates a longitudinal marginal axis, creting two opposite contrasting faces, mute and closed the one, opened and communicative the other.

The white and green materials, recycled and recyclable, environmentally friendly and biodegradable, help to strengthen the idea of a dynamic ecological architecture, contemporary and temporary, with a low environmental impact but a high sensory and emotional impact. [...] The technological dynamism of architecture finds its materic application in the search for innovative components, assembled in a project that makes it removable and reusable in another site.

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