Casa NC was born from the need to create a warm, modern and welcoming environment, suitable for hosting a young and enterprising family,

resizing the enormous space of the living area and changing its scale throught volumetric, material and chromatic adjustments.

The living room, from the celling, identified by the presence of the oƬblue sofa, appears bright and clear thanks to large windows that generate curious shadows and special play of light on the walls:

the choice of the wood effect porcelain stoneware _ delimits the "relational" zone from the "convivial" one of the kitchen, distiction also exacerbated by a chromatic change _ not more wood but cement.


The kitchen , the true protagonist of the living space, dark and shiny in the contrast with the rest of the living area, overlooks the garden.

The island , with an integrated table, is arranged parallel to the entrance door directrix, with the intent, together with the wall of the columns, to further emphasize the perspective of the depht of the same.

Given the impressive height of the living area, a relaxation area has been created on the floor above the kitchen; the relaxion area overlooks the double volume of the entrance, which has been resized and

climbed with the presence of three black suspensions to comploete the lighting of the spots embeed in the beams.

Access to the mezzanine is allowed through a small, minimal abd ligh wooden staircase, equipped with a glass parapet; the latter choice was made in order to destroy the visual barrier that would have istead constituted a full parapet.

The bathrooms , colorful and youthful, reflect the requirements: the first, blue, functional and lively, and the second warm, spacious and elegant.


Casa NC: a special house!

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