The project involves the recovery and conversion of a part of a commercial building: warehouse premises and accessories at the same time, with fractional splitting and change of destination to craftsmanship, cellar use.

Architecturally, functionally and aesthetically the center of gravity of the project is the barricade, the collector between vinification and exposure: it is the "representative" environment, made visible by exposure through a glazed wall.
The sensory aspect of the visitor (an indispensable feature of the architectural cellars) is emphasized in every environment by the careful choice of the material chromaticities, the lights, the finishes and the furnishings thus making every unique environment of its kind.

The design strategy adopted analyzed the functional aspects of production by identifying the specific phases of the process. At the synthesis of the analysis it was necessary to identify the following environments: one destined to the early stages of the process of fermentation grapes fermentation grapes and clarification.

Other environment for the aging process: the wine, given in oak barriques, remains here for a period of 20/24 months after which the last stage can be done: bottling. Additionally, accessory environments were created: an exhibition area, a warehouse, office environments and the latter, service environments.


Photo by: Lorenzo Bruchi

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