"An environment, reinterpreted, recalibrated and redesigned to the daily needs of a dynamic, enterprising and spiritful couple."

"House D_E": a formal search in tune with the envelope designed by the DPN studio (arch. M. Dani, arch. D. Pellis, G. Nacci), reinterpreted by "msplus architettura" (Arch. M. Stacchini ), recalibrated and redesigned to the daily needs of a dynamic, enterprising, and spirited couple.

Use of solutions that emphasize the extreme rationality of spaces, functions with a careful choice of color schemes, finishes, and light sources that emphasize space to a maximum thanks to a powerful light and design that amalgamates and enhances the various environments , while creating light cuts to identify functional areas.

A search in the movement of vertical surfaces and horizons through the use of new volume volumes, through plasterboard elements, which at the same time frame finishes and distribute light sources.


A kitchen designed and designed to blend the space of "preparation" with the "convivial area" which serves as the hub between the double volume of the living area with the fifth scenic black wall and the double volume of the stairs giving access to the floor space: visually bound spaces in the perspective depth through the use of a single wallpaper, which runs by merging the space from three depths to a single depth.

The choice of transparent parapets for the loft and stairs has been dictated by the will not to invade a space, making it unique and bright.

The simplicity of the chromatic scale of the rooms finds its own melting and melting in the floor made of micro topping, finishing that vertically connects the two floors, joining through a single floor climbing on the staircase and expanding into the chambers of the first floor


The bathrooms, designed in each part and accessory, play for obvious chromatic contrasts, once emphasized by linear light solutions and once with point lights.

Microtopping blends the furnishings with the envelope's materiality, wrapping and defining the volume of furniture and washing function: the white, white, white bathtub contrasts with the furniture designed and made specifically for this home: the color contrast is beyond Yes accentuated by oversizing the mirror. The niche of the shower, black, made even more evident by the choice of smoky shades of glass, enlarging the size of the small room making it even more personal and enveloping.


The simplicity of the master bedroom is contrasted with the quality of light, once shaken, once suspended once in a starry sky. The characteristic of this room, its relative width is even more accentuated by the glazed wall that encloses the closet: space is doubled for a dichotomy of material and refined finishes.

Focus now focuses on filters that project the outside into the interior: the curtains. Minimal technical solutions where the stylized tree graphics project into the natural and naturalistic perception of light, as if it were filtered through its branches.


Progetto architettonico: DPN, studio di architettura
Progetto di interior design, light design, soluzioni e disegno dei mobili e dei bagni: studio “msplus architettura”
Impresa edile: Amadei Giovanni, movimento terra costruzioni edili
Impresa esecutrice finiture in microtopping: Amadei Giovanni, movimento terra costruzioni edili,Luca Amadei
Fornitura arredamento: Zeoli Arredamenti
Tende: Tappezzeria Paolini
Vetri, specchi, cabina armadio: Essevetro
Fornitura corpi illuminanti: Federico Ulivi, ditte Biffi, Aqlus
Montaggio corpi illuminati: Elettrosystem, Enrico Cappelli
Carte da parati: Mazzoni Studio di Interni, carte Wall&Decò

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