A continuous and diaphanous space with a neutral cromatic palette, enhancing the natural sunlight coming from the outside through the western glass facade, deepening it softly into the whole space, at the same time giving the chance to customize the environment with few dramatic chromatic signs. You're welcome by a sinthetic green lawn, and you can find the same chromatic point in small elements and complements through the whole space standing out unexpected on the black and white background, finally changing it to make it unique and personal. The architecture lab is made of two spaces, divided by a full heigth glass wall to make the space be perceived as a whole. The first one is totally white, hosting the design workstations and desks, while the second one is blackened by dark pavement and table., but still full of light.

It's black, it's white, it's green.

via Rosa Agazzi, 20_56028 San Miniato PISA_T/F +039 0571 400697 mob +39 3471833697